4.8.20 - View Ms. Dzembo's live Google meet for parents which focused on Google Classroom.  (Recorded on Tuesday, April 8th.)    

    google classroom for parents   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UphaClw2cD8&feature=youtu.be 

    Click here to view the Google Slides of the presentation

    3.31.20 - Information Parents Should Be Aware Of Regarding Google Meet   

    As we are all adjusting to remote learning, while Heatly is closed, you may have noticed that your child is connecting with their teacher and class through a software program called Google Meet. The settings established by the district on this program do not allow students to initiate or schedule any video conferencing on their own. However, some students have found a loophole that allows them to enter a teacher initiated Google Meet video conferencing session after the teacher has finished with the session.   

    Currently the teacher is not able to "close" or delete the completed session. However, Google has updated its Google Meet software to allow teachers the ability to close or delete Google Meet sessions once they have finished using them. This update should take effect within a couple of weeks. In the meantime, we wanted you to be aware that students can chat unsupervised with each other within Google Meet and, although student interaction and socialization is certainly encouraged, we discourage this practice in unsupervised settings.  

    Using any new software also means ensuring student privacy associated with that software. The district takes the protection of all student data very seriously. Through our BOCES, the district has a signed contract with Google providing a guarantee of a very high level of student data security. The Google Meet software is one of the 14 apps that are part of Google's Apps for Education G-suite of tools. All of the Google Apps for Education are fully compliant with all federal and state student privacy regulations (FERPA, COPPA, and NYS Education Law 2-d) and are approved for use by all district elementary and secondary students.  

    Our goal is to be able to provide online remote learning for all our students K-12.  If you wish to have your elementary student not participate in direct online learning with their teacher using Google Meet, please contact the school at 518-273-1422 extension 9.

    3.30.20 - Parents Guide To Google Classrooms

    Heatly Families,  

    I have attached a "Parents Guide to Google Classroom"  for parents/guardians to help gain a better understanding of the platform that many of your child's teachers are using to deliver the required assignments.  

    Please disregard the email address on the Questions slide at the end of the presentation, I am not quite sure that is!   If you have any questions regarding your child's Google Classes please reach out to their classroom teacher directly or ask your child to sit with you and have them show you!  They are all very familiar with the platform.  

    Thank you and thank you again for all your help and support.  

    Mrs. Jodi Mazzeo
    7-12 Principal

    PDF version: "Parents Guide to Google Classroom"