• Social Emotional Well-being

    We recognize that the social emotional well-being of our students and staff during these challenging times is critically important. The district has made available resources and referrals to address mental health, behavioral, and emotional needs of students, faculty, and staff when school reopens for in-person instructions. This has been done by:

    • Implementation of a minimum weekly meeting time to address SEL for all students
    • An employee assistance program for all staff
    • Beginning the process to create a district-wide, formal MTSS (Multi-Tiered System of Support)
    • Regular Counseling and Attendance committee meetings to address student needs
    • Assigning each student, K-12, a counselor or mental health professional to monitor their well-being and attendance.
    • Regular faculty meetings to hear faculty concerns
    • Adjusting the school calendar with staggered starts to allow faculty/staff and students more time to orient themselves to their new setting and new procedures/routines

    The district addresses professional development opportunities for faculty and staff on how to talk with and support students during and after the ongoing COVID-19 public health emergency, as well as provide support for developing coping and resilience skills for students, faculty, and staff. This is addressed by:

    • Training K-8 faculty and administration on Second-Step, a social-emotional learning (SEL) program that helps schools create a supportive, successful learning environment and encourage children to thrive. (To be completed in August)
    • Continued training on Restorative Practices and building a culture of care through release time during the school year