• SchoolMessenger Notification System

    In October 2020, the district moved from the SNN email platform to a new communications system, SchoolMessenger. This system will provide families with important announcements and timely alerts through email, text messages and phone calls when necessary. The district will primarily communicate through email and will only use text messages and phone calls for emergencies or other time sensitive events.

    All families with a student enrolled at Green Island will automatically receive school news and emergency notifications, as long as you have an accurate email and cell phone number in SchoolTool. If any of your contact information changes at any time, please contact the school so it can be updated in SchoolTool. If your information is not up-to-date, you will not receive notifications from the district.

    Information for parents

    Parents do not need to sign up for a SchoolMessenger account. SchoolMessenger works with SchoolTool and pulls your information from SchoolTool into SchoolMessenger. Therefore, it is essential that your contact information in SchoolTool accurate. 

    Opt in for text messages

    Parents are also able to sign up for text alerts. If you did not receive a text asking you to opt-in to the service, please check the following steps:

    1. Check your SchoolTool account to make sure the number you wish to receive text messages on is listed under the “Cell Phone” field. Only numbers listed in the “Cell Phone” field will be sent text messages
      1. If the number is incorrect, please provide the correct number to the main office. Once that number is entered, you should receive a message asking you to opt-in within 24 to 48 hours
      2. Respond “Y” or “Yes” to that text message. You are now opted-in
    2. If the number listed under “Cell Phone” is correct, please contact the Communications Office for further assistance

    How Green Island uses SchoolMessenger

    The SchoolMessenger system is the primary way the Green Island Union Free School District will communicate with parents/guardians about everyday events and emergency situations. The type of communication will depend on the type of situation.


    Email will be the primary form of communication through SchoolMessenger. Email will be used to communicate school-level and district-wide events that are non-emergency in nature. Emergency alerts will be sent via email in conjunction with other forms of communication.

    Text messages

    Text messages will only be used in emergency situations or situations where schools are closed. Only parents who have opted in for text alerts will receive them.

    Phone calls

    Phone calls will only be used in emergency situations.