• Communication Protocol for Parents

    The goal is to increase proactive communication while increasing collaboration and understanding to best meet the needs of all our students. Working together we can promote commitment and success for all staff, students and families of Heatly!

    Step One - Speak directly to teacher or school counselor

    Students are encouraged to express their concerns directly to their teacher. If you, as a parent, are concerned about an issue involving your child’s education, or classroom experience, please start with your child’s teacher. Staff emails can be found on our website. The teachers at Heatly are more than happy to discuss your concerns, but please be aware that it may take up to one or two school days for them
    to be able to return your email/phone call.

    If you have questions directly related to your child’s schedule or grade, please contact the School Counselor, Theresa Smigelski at (518) 273-1422 or tsmigelski@greenisland.org.

    Step Two - Building Principal

    If you have not heard back from the child’s teacher in a reasonable amount of time you should contact your child’s building administrator.

    Pre K - 12th grade: Jodi Mazzeo at (518) 273-1422 or jmazzeo@greenisland.org.

    If you have a concern regarding the District Curriculum and/or ESSA Accountability, please reach out to the Director of Curriculum, Tiffany Dzembo, at (518) 273-1422 or tdzembo@greenisland.org.

    Step Three - Superintendent of Schools

    If your concern remains unresolved, or you would like the Board of Education to be aware of your concern, please contact the Superintendent, Kimberly Ross, at (518) 273-1422 or kross@greenisland.org.

    Have a question and not sure who to call?