• College in the High School

    High school juniors and seniors can register to take college-level courses through the College in the High School program. College in the High School courses give students an opportunity to experience a college-level course while still in high school and receive college credit. Enrollment in these courses may provide future opportunities to students, such as the ability to enroll in higher-level college courses or to complete a four-year degree in a shorter amount of time.

    Credits can be transferred to most four-year colleges and universities. Depending on the school, students may be able to transfer up to 15 credits or more.

    Approved Courses

    • Foundations of Journalism and Media Studies - SUNY Albany
    • Media & Culture - HVCC
    • History of Rock n Roll - HVCC
    • Topics in Contemporary Math - SUNY Albany
    • Introduction to Sociology - SUNY Albany
    • College Composition - SCCC
    • Literature & Writing - SCCC
    • Introduction to Political Science - SUNY Albany
    • American Politics - SUNY Albany
    • Library Skills for Research - HVCC
    • Personal Finance - SUNY Albany
    • Introduction to Business - SCCC
    • Principles of Management - SCCC
    • Introduction to Forensic Chemistry - SUNY Albany
    • Psychology - HVCC