• Music Education

    The music program at Heatly consists of classes for all students in grades K-12.  Courses offered include:

    Elementary (K-6) General Music (Once a week for 45 minutes)

    • Kindergarten: Early Music Literacy
    • Grades 1-3: Beginning Music notation using Kodaly through Conversational SolfegeGrades
    • 3-6: Recorder through the Recorder Karate program and intermediate level Kodaly through Conversational Solfege.

    Middle Level General Music (Grade 7) (Half year course)

    Overview of Music History from 1300-1900, Recorder Duets, and an introduction to keyboarding.

    Music Appreciation (Grades 9-12)  (Whole year, arts elective) 

    Interpretation and analysis of music through the musical elements, music theory, music history from 1900 to the present, and careers in music. 

    Musical Keyboarding (Grades 9-12) (Whole year, arts elective)

    Piano skills and relevant theory, composition, and performances.

    After-School Activities

    The Music Department at Heatly School offers many activites to engage students once the school day ends:

    Elementary Chorus (Grades 3-6)

    Meets twice a week after school from October to June and prepares pieces for performances in the school and the surrounding community (i.e. Little League opening day, Sr. Citizen's Center)