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Classroom Profile: Full 'STEAM' ahead in PreK

A student focusses as he builds a treeAsk any education expert and you will hear the same response – the best path to a great education starts with building a solid foundation of knowledge and inquisitiveness in the youngest of ages.

The task for building that foundation in Green Island this year lies in the capable hands of veteran teacher Carol DellaRocca.

During a recent week, DellaRocca and teaching assistant Donna Langley prepared students for an understanding of the alphabet and math, as well as an appreciation for art and engineering, with a Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) project.

The students shared a box of supplies to build a three-dimensional alphabet tree. In doing so, they determined what type of construction can hold the most letters and learned about the various parts of a tree and the letters of the alphabet. They also practiced their sharing skills.

Ms. DellaRocca leads the classStudents said in her class said they “love” coming to school each day.

“I like learning,” said Brady.

“I like coming to school. This is fun,” added Kaeson.

“I like the arts and crafts,” Ellie chimed in.

Meanwhile, Clementine summed it all up by saying “I like seeing my friends and learning.”