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Regents graduation measures meeting on Dec. 7

Dear Heatly Community,

NYSED is resuming its Graduation Measures regional meetings to gather input from school stakeholders on the state’s high school graduation requirements. For our region (3rd Judicial District), the meeting will occur on Tuesday, Dec. 7, 2021 from 2:00pm - 4:00pm.

The meeting will be virtual and preregistration is required.

This meeting is essential in preparation for a student’s future beyond high school by outlining learning and achievement measures in order to obtain a New York State diploma.

The Board of Regents has created a Blue Ribbon Commission to review what a state diploma should represent to ensure educational excellence and equity for every student in New York State. The Graduation Measures regional meeting provides the opportunity for your feedback in determining what those standards should be.

At the regional meeting, attendees will have the chance to break into smaller groups to discuss and provide feedback to the NYS Education Department on five guiding questions:

1. What do we want all students to know and to be able to do before they graduate?

2. How do we want all students to demonstrate such knowledge and skills, while capitalizing on their cultures, languages, and experiences?

3. How do you measure learning and achievement (as it pertains to the answers to #2 above) to ensure they are indicators of high school completion while enabling opportunities for all students to succeed?

4. How can measures of achievement accurately reflect the skills and knowledge of our special populations, such as students with disabilities and English language learners?

5. What course requirements or examinations will ensure that all students are prepared for college, careers, and civic engagement?

Your input is valued and can make the difference in a student’s learning experience. Register at or visit for more information.


Kimberly Ross
Superintendent of Schools