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Meet our new secondary math teacher, Michele Straight!

Michele Straight is sitting in a chair in front of a computer, wearing a denim jacket & colorful dress, smiling at the cameraMeet our new secondary math teacher, Michele Straight! Ms. Straight has been teaching students in grades 5-12 in the Capital Region for several years and has been at Heatly since December of 2021. She completed her undergraduate work at SUNY New Paltz where earned her undergraduate degree in 1991. Ms. Straight then went on to Sage Graduate School where she graduated in 1993 with her Masters degree. In addition, Ms. Straight currently holds three New York State teaching certifications: Elementary Education (K-6), Mathematics (K-12) and Reading (K-12).

Before teaching at Heatly, Ms. Straight worked at the Neil Hellman School in Albany as a mathematics teacher. Ms. Straight has always had a love for math, which she says is one of her favorite things about her job. According to Ms. Straight, everyday is “a fresh start for my students to grow academically and personally,”. She also says that the best part about being a teacher is “being a positive role model for my students and having the opportunity to share my love of mathematics”. 

Over the course of her teaching career, Ms. Straight has received many pieces of advice. However, the best piece of advice she’s been given is to not take anything personally. Everyone has their bad days, and it’s always important to remember that when teaching.

When Ms. Straight isn’t teaching at Heatly, she can be found riding her motorcycle. A fun fact about Ms. Straight is that she has a motorcycle license and enjoys spending her free time riding.