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A magical night of fun: Heatly's 2022 Prom

Heatly's 2022 Prom was a hit! Our students enjoyed the night at Franklin Terrace, where the Class of 2022 and Class of 2023 elected prom kings and queens. For the Class of 2022, Prom King was Anthony Carl and Prom Queen was Molly Esposito. For the Class of 2023, Prom King was Mayson O'Connell and Prom Queen was Mackenzie Rankin. Students also enjoyed an after-prom event at Uncle Sam's Lanes. View photos from the event below!

Prom Kings Anthony Carl & Mayson ODonnell. Prom Queens Molly Esposito & Mackenzie Rankin

 A group of 10 Heatly students dressed in prom attire smiling for a group photo.

A group of 7 Heatly female students sit at a table with a navy blue tablecloth and yellow napkins. All are smiling for a pic.