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Mrs. Mazzeo receives the Honorary H Award at the Heatly Athletics Banquet

Athletics Director Brian Ford and Jodi Mazzeo smiling for a picture with Jodi's award.Dedication is a common term in the athletic world. It takes dedication to practice, to be committed to a sport and to be confident in one’s athletic abilities. It also takes dedication to teach others and to invest time in the improvement of an individual’s skills. The Honorary H Award at Heatly is given to one person each year at the athletics banquet to signify the school community’s appreciation for the person making an extraordinary impact on the Heatly Athletics Program. We’re proud to announce that Principal Jodi Mazzeo is the recipient of this year’s Honorary H Award for her many years of service and dedication to Heatly Athletics.

Mrs. Mazzeo has devoted the last twenty years of her professional life to the district. She has been significantly involved in the athletics program, having been a varsity softball coach for seven years. She also served as Heatly’s athletic director for seven years, including as the President of the CHVL and as Athletics Director Brian Ford handing Jodi Mazzeo her award on stage. a sitting member of the Section 2 Committee. 

Mrs. Mazzeo’s commitment and devotion to Heatly Athletics is something that many of her colleagues can attest to. Assistant Superintendent of Accountability, Assessment, & Technology Innovation, Tiffany Dzembo states that “Mrs. Mazzeo has spent many years supporting Heatly athletics. Years ago she was a coach and later she was also the athletic director. She even helped plan this year's athletic banquet without knowing she was receiving this award. It is hard to imagine Heatly Athletics without her help." 

Athletics are essential to a lot of students and contribute to their success both in and outside of school. This is something Mrs. Mazzeo has always understood as an educator, and why she personally has a high regard for athletics. “I am very proud to be chosen for the award. I hold athletics very dear to my heart and understand the importance they play in the lives of our students. Athletics play a critical role in student life and I am glad that I can continue to support and promote our athletic department in my current position of Principal,” she said. 

Heatly is extremely lucky to have someone who’s committed to the athletics program and is passionate about the important role sports play in the lives of students. Congratulations Mrs. Mazzeo on your exceptional achievement, and thank you for all the work you do for Heatly Athletics and our student athletes. 

Mrs. Mazzeo and her family smiling for a picture with her award.