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Meet our new Literature, FACS, & Business Communication Teacher, Vivian Rambo!

Vivian RamboMeet our new Literature, FACS and Business Communication teacher, Vivian Rambo! Mrs. Rambo has been teaching secondary students at Heatly in these various subjects since February 2022, and has been a part of the profession for over 30 years. Mrs. Rambo’s journey to becoming a teacher began in May 1992 when she graduated from the University of Puerto Rico with a bachelor’s degree in education. From there, Mrs. Rambo’s career took her on various paths. For example, she spent 15 years teaching in Puerto Rico, including ELA at the high school level. She also has a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction, which she earned from Phoenix University in 2005. 

Prior to arriving at Heatly, Mrs. Rambo held several different positions within the education field. She taught English in Arbor Hill, spearheaded a grant-based educational program for UAlbany, taught ELA, Spanish, art and FACS/PAES Lab at Berkshire Union Free School, and worked as a transition specialist at Berkshire Farm. 

When asked what she enjoys most about her job, Mrs. Rambo said she “truly enjoys the art of teaching”. She also enjoys knowing she’s helping students form memories. Mrs. Rambo views school as much more than a place of learning. To her, “it’s a place where students should have fun and build fond memories.” She goes on to say that the best part of teaching is the students. “I enjoy interacting with them, helping them, and yes, learning from them” Mrs. Rambo said. 

With a teaching career spanning over 30 years, Mrs. Rambo has been given numerous pieces of advice, however, the best advice she’s heard is to be willing to laugh with your students. 

A fun fact about Mrs. Rambo is that she used to have a pet wallaby named Lambert. Lambert was such a big part of Mrs. Rambo’s life, that she actually published a children’s book titled “On the Lam with Lambert”.