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Juniors Aliya Wachunas & Kendra Youngs honored with Russell Sage College "Student Sage Award"

June 22, 2022

Congratulations to Heatly juniors Aliya Wachunas and Kendra Youngs on receiving Russell Sage College’s distinguished designation as “Student Sage Scholars”! Both Aliya and Kendra were celebrated at Heatly’s secondary Academic Awards ceremony on June 14. They received a certificate, as well as congratulations from Heatly staff and their fellow classmates. 

Award recipients are nominated by their school counselors, teachers or administrators. Each exemplifies Russell Sage College’s motto, “To Be, To Know, To Do.” This includes being academic and social leaders, excelling in academics, and “putting their knowledge into action”. 

Both Aliya and Kendra have demonstrated these characteristics throughout the school year and serve as role models and inspiration for all Heatly students. Award recipient Aliya Wachunas is still in shock at receiving this extraordinary honor. “It’s an amazing opportunity and achievement that I’m very proud of,” she said. 

In recognition of their academic achievements and community involvement, Aliya and Kendra will each receive a scholarship of at least $64,000 over the course of four years to study at Russell Sage College.  

Kendra Youngs (left) & Aliya Wachunas (right)