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Secondary students "soak up" the fun in Zoology investigative lab

January 4, 2023

Students in Ms. Marquardt's Zoology class "soaked" their brains with knowledge in a recent investigative lab as part of the class's lesson on the different types of phyla in the animal kingdom. Ms. Marquardt decided to begin with porifera, or sponges, as they are the most simple form of animal life. 

Students began their chapter on porifera by watching a documentary about natural sponges. The film provided insight into the biological composition and evolution of sponges. Most notably, natural sponges lost their nervous system over time due to evolution, meaning natural sponges cannot feel pain.

After watching the documentary, students participated in an investigative lab where they compared absorbency in natural sponges and synthetic sponges. Students found that the synthetic sponge was better at absorbing water, leading them to conclude that’s why they are primarily sold for commercial use rather than natural sponges. 

Three students each hold a sponge and smile together for a group photo. A group of students work together at a table. Student writing on paper. Scale with a commercial sponge on it. A natural sponge is in front of the scale on the table.

Students writing on paper with sponges and a scale in front of them.Student weighing sponge on scale while taking notes.