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3.4.20 - Crews work on cleanup after dormant mold discovered

Four classrooms on Heatly School’s ground floor were flooded Monday night following a water main break in the area.  During cleanup on Tuesday, dormant mold was discovered in two of the four classrooms.  Because the mold has been deemed dormant, there is no health or safety risk to students or staff.

Students in the two affected classrooms will be relocated to classrooms on the first floor until the remediation work, led by the Capital Region BOCES Health/Safety/Risk Management Service, is complete.  Remediation work is expected to take the remainder of the week and includes drying out the affected classrooms, cleaning all surfaces and repairing affected drywall.

Dormant mold is inactive mold, which means that conditions do not currently exist that would cause it to grow.  The district will work with architects to identify and address issues that could have contributed to the mold’s growth, and district staff will continue to monitor the classrooms to ensure there is not a recurrence.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Superintendent’s office.