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5.2.20 - 2020-21 school budget vote date postponed

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Gov. Cuomo released an executive order on March 30 establishing that the 2020-21 school budget votes and board elections will not take place on May 19 as originally scheduled. The vote will be postponed until at least June 1. A specific date has not yet been determined.

School districts across New York State are awaiting further guidance from Gov. Cuomo as to when the elections may take place. We will post the new vote date when it is announced. The Green Island UFSD Board of Education will schedule the annual budget hearing and adoption for the proposed budget in May, based on the new vote date.

Considering the undetermined vote date and impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on state and local finances, Green Island school leaders continue to work toward a proposed 2020-21 school district budget. While school leaders are striving to preserve programming for students, including athletics, some spending cuts are being examined as leaders anticipate the impact of the New York state budget enacted on April 2.

New provisions in the state budget contribute to significant uncertainty for the district. These provisions include the introduction of three periodic reviews of state revenue that could result in mid-year school aid cuts. The first review is anticipated on April 30, 2020. There is also a new “Pandemic Adjustment” state aid reduction that is, at least for now, fully offset by federal stimulus funding.