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Update on face coverings in school from Superintendent Ross

Aug. 31, 2020

Dear Heatly families,

I wanted to provide you with an important update about the use of face coverings for the upcoming school year.

Upon consultation with the Albany County Department of Health, we have decided that all students and staff members will be required to wear a face covering throughout the school day. We will provide mask breaks throughout the day, where individuals will be at least six feet apart.

Students with a medical exemption will be required to:

  • provide documentation from a physician or
  • work through the CSE/504 process or
  • consult with the school physician and administration

Students who are required to wear masks and refuse to do so will be in violation of our code of conduct and subject to disciplinary procedures.

We will work with staff members to ensure that students are instructed about proper mask wearing as we begin the new school year.

Mask Breaks

The following guidelines apply to mask breaks:

  • Mask breaks will be built into the daily schedules.
  • Mask breaks will be every two hours. Additional breaks may take place as needed. Each mask break would last 5-10 minutes.
  • Students must be a seated and a minimum of six feet away from each other during mask breaks to allow for proper social distancing.
  • Students are not required to take mask breaks if they choose not to do so.

If this update changes your child’s learning preference for the upcoming school year (from in-person to remote), please email and we will change your status in our system.

Thank you for your cooperation on this matter. We are doing everything we can to ensure a safe environment for everyone in our school.


Kim Ross
Superintendent of Schools