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Google Meet etiquette tips and information

Sept. 21, 2020

Dear parents and guardians,

Thank you for making our first week of school a success. We wanted to share the following tips and graphic about Google etiquette:

  • Find a quiet and appropriate place to be part of the Google Meet. Students should not to be in their bed or bathroom
    • Backgrounds behind the student need to be appropriate. Google will be releasing the ability to blur the background down the line.
  • The camera must be on for the entire duration of the class. If a student needs to step away from their device, they should raise their hand and ask their teacher for permission.
  • Students should be dressed appropriately
  • Make sure you mute your mic when you enter and when you are not speaking.
  • When you have a question or would like to speak, raise your hand or type in the chat box
  • Use headphones to reduce background noise.
  • Respect student privacy; do not take pictures, screenshots or record your online class
  • Be respectful and patient
  • Be attentive to your teacher and classmates while they are speaking.
  • Give time for people to respond.
  • Allow people to speak; do not talk over them.
  • Be punctual
  • If you get disconnected, email your teacher and continue to try to rejoin.

Please refer to the Google Meet etiquette guide:

Heatly School Google Meet etiquette