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Summer camp information for Heatly students

May 27, 2021

Welcome to summer 2021!

We are excited to be offering a host of FREE weekly, half day summer camps for students entering grades 1-6 at Heatly in the fall of 2021. Camps will run from 8:00 - 12:15, Monday through Friday. Please note the school will be closed on Monday, July 5 in observance of Independence Day.

We hope that our students and their families will use this as an opportunity to continue learning while also having fun. Each week holds a new adventure!

Please contact us if you have any questions. Registration paperwork is due by June 18, 2021. Be sure to register early because space is limited.

Mrs. Mazzeo

Camp Information

View the camp information brochure.

July 6-9: Superheros of America Batman, Thor, and more… (1-3); Who’s better? DC or Marvel Comics. Find out as we dive into SuperHero week (4-6)

It’s a bird! No, a plane! It’s superheroes! From July 6-9, discover your strength, smarts, and super powers! Learn how to make superhero slime, Onomato-what?!, and read about adventures involving DC & Marvel super heroes, and go on a Superhero Scavenger Hunt.

July 12-16: Princess, Fairies, Dragons and More (Grades 1-3); Dragons, Wizards, Witches and More (Grades 4-6)

From July 12-16, explore your wild imagination as you ride unicorns, dodge a dragon, become a knight and crown a queen. Come along for learning how to make a witches brew and butter beer like in the Harry Potter books. Let’s read the book, Night of the Ninth Dragon : Magic Tree House Series and explore the Mythology of Dragons.

July 19-23: Walk like an Egyptian(1-3); Pyramids, Mummies and More(4-6)

From July 19-23, become a detective, discover new places, and unravel the mysteries around you. Make your own sundial, clay pyramid, and other arts and craft activities, solve the mystery of the egyptian mummy, use hieroglyphics, go on a treasure hunt, take a virtual tour of pyramids, and relax during Egyptian yoga.

July 26-30: Bats, Bugs & other things of the night (1-3); Things that go bump in the night (4-6)

From July 26-30, we will be exploring the creepy crawly critters that live in the world around us! Take a virtual field trip, go on a scavenger hunt, look for ladybugs, read and make your own books, and enjoy fun arts and craft activities.

August 2-6: Asia: Samari’s, Legos, and Yoga (1-3); Origami, Paper Lanterns, and Koi Fish Painting (4-6)

Dig into your creative side and design origamis, paper lanterns, fans, write your own haiku, paint a koi fish, learn about Samurai, build a famous landmark in Asia out of legos, and enjoy a relaxing yoga session.

August 9-13: Greece/Mythology: Greek God, Goddesses, and Olympic Games (1-3); Mythology, Demi-gods, and Olympic Games (4-6)

Explore the basics of the major Olympian Greek Gods and Goddesses through art, science, music, literature, and games. Make your own shield, create your own greek chariot, meet the Olympian gods and the Demi-gods and heroes and their adventures. Play bingo, go on a treasure hunt, build a Greek temple with legos, and have fun competing in the Olympic games!

August 9-13: Project Adventure Camp: 1-3 and 4-6

From August 9-12, the adventure program is a series of activities designed to challenge participants on both an individual and group basis. The program encourages teamwork, cooperation, and social skills. Such activities might include, using a climbing wall, orienteering, different forms of obstacles to navigate, team building, trust games and problem-solving tasks. Equipment needed: workout clothes and sneakers.

July 26-30 & August 2-6: Music Lessons

For the week of July 26-30 and August 2-6, children entering grades 1-6 can learn how to play their choice of ukulele, piano, guitar, or take voice lessons. A special music showcase at the end of the camp will spotlight the hard work of everyone involved. Please note, children signed up for another camp during these weeks will be pulled for private or small group lesson. If your child is not signing up for another camp this week, they are still welcome to participate but should be dropped-off or picked-up for each lesson. In this case, a lesson schedule will be provided to the parent/guardian.

Registration Information

Parents/guardians can register using this link or by taking a picture of the QR code below with your smartphone to fill out the registration form. Paper copies of the registration form can be provided upon request. Please call the main office to request one. Registration is due by Friday, June 18.

Please note that space is limited so camp enrollment will be capped at the capacity of the space. If a child needs to be waitlisted due to space limitations, the parent/guardian listed on the registration form will be contacted in advance of the start of camp.

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