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Assessments and Teacher Qualifications

Green Island students take a number of exams every year – New York State exams, Regents exams, NWEA MAP testing and local exams.

Students in grades 3-8 are required to take state tests/assessments each school year in math and English language arts. Fourth- and eighth-graders also take state exams in science and social studies.

Testing in English language arts — covering reading, writing and listening skills — and math for each of the elementary grades is designed to show whether students have a grasp on the skills they will need to succeed as they move toward middle school, high school and beyond. These tests also help teachers identify where the curriculum might need to be fine-tuned to better meet students’ needs.

Testing students regularly throughout the middle school years is one way of ensuring that they are progressing academically. Such tests help show whether students need additional help to confidently move ahead in school.

For help interpreting test results and access to resources designed to build understanding of the New York State education reform initiatives, visit EngageNY.