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Daniel Kalbfliesh to take on title of Assistant Superintendent

Dear Heatly families, 

The Board of Education is excited to share that starting July 10, Daniel Kalbfliesh, our current Director of Equity, Inclusivity and Diversity, will assume responsibilities as the Assistant Superintendent.  This appointment will be in title only and Mr. Kalbfliesh with no additional remuneration.

As you may recall, Tiffany Dzembo resigned from her position as Assistant Superintendent last summer.

In an effort to reassign and fulfill gaps left from her departure, Mr. Kalbfliesh’s duties will expand to include school accountability and data privacy. He will continue to oversee diversity, equity, and inclusion, and special education.

We are excited to elevate Dan within our administrative team to help ensure comprehensive coverage for New York State Education Department’s requirements and  responsibilities for the upcoming school year. Throughout Mr. Kalbfliesh’s two years at Heatly, he has proven to be an integral part of the Heatly family and we are confident that he will continue to contribute to the safety, wellbeing, and academic excellence of our students.

Thank you!

Superintendent Kim Ross