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Heatly alumni spotlight: Heather Gregory-Johnson

Attending Heatly is a tradition in the Gregory-Johnson family. Heather Gregory-Johnson is a Green Island native that was born and raised in the area by her parents John and Karen. Her mother Karen is a proud Heatly alumni and enrolled Heather in 1989. Heather then spent the next several years excelling in her education until she graduated from the school in 2002. 

Heather Gregory-Johnson

After graduation, Heather worked for different local organizations including Hoffmans Car Wash, the Green Island Parks and Recreation Department, and Amtrak. She then attended Hudson Valley Community College to study physical education, before transitioning to a full time position with the Green Island Power Authority in 2007.

During her time at Heatly, Heather was involved in several extracurriculars, including Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) and Drama Club. She also played soccer, basketball and softball. 

Being involved in the school community led to Heather interacting with different teachers and staff members, some of whom made an everlasting impact. “We have been very lucky at Heatly with some of the absolute best teachers there are!” Heather said enthusiastically. “Every teacher there cares about each and every student.”

Some of Heather’s favorite teachers from her time at Heatly include Mrs. Lawrence, Mrs. McManus, Ms. Poleto, Mrs. Starr, Mr. Manning, Ms. Castle, and Mrs. Hoover. She also remembers Mr. Normile, who would keep a close eye on students in the hall during the school day. Furthermore, Heather recounts her favorite coach, Red McManus, whom she credits for her exceptional typing skills. According to Heather, she “…wouldn’t be able to type as fast while hitting the correct keyboard keys” without his guidance.

Some of Heather’s most treasured memories at Heatly were from her time playing sports and being involved in SADD. Heather specifically recounts the many trips she made with SADD to the Ridin-Hy Dude Ranch, as well as the lifelong friends she forged during this time. Those experiences were so impactful that Heather still visits the ranch to this day with her friends. 

Heather currently lives in Green Island with her husband Bob, their son Brady, and their pets, Baby J the cat and Benny the dog. She enjoys coaching Green Island Little League in the spring with her husband, and always tries to stay involved in village activities. Heather also continues to work for the Green Island Power Authority, and loves any activity that’s outdoors.