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Heatly announces new reading initiative: Green Island Reads!

Updated March 29, 2023

“Green Island Reads” was featured on News Channel 13 and on News Channel 10.

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Published March 9, 2023

March is National Reading Month and Green Island UFSD is excited to celebrate with the launch of a new reading incentive program: Green Island Reads! The goal of the program is to encourage K-6 students to read independently at their level. For each reading goal students accomplish, they’ll be rewarded with personal pan pizzas and gift certificates from Spindle City Pizza in Cohoes.

Students select a book at their reading level that is then approved by their teacher. Depending on a student’s reading level, they’ll provide evidence of having read the book; this could be in the form of a written summary, discussion of the story’s plot, etc. 

For every third, sixth and ninth book students read, they’ll receive a coupon from Spindle City Pizza for a personal pan pizza. Classroom teachers will inform special education teacher and children’s book author Pete Mason once a student has read the required number of books. Students will also be given punch cards to keep track of their progress; after ten punches, they’ll earn a $5 gift card to Spindle City Pizza and receive a new punch card. All coupons will be presented to students at Farewell Fridays by Mr. Mason. 

“Starting Green Island Reads shows a long-term commitment to building district-wide enjoyment of reading and encouraging Heatly students to become lifelong readers. Working with a local pizza shop provides incentive for these students and we are excited to kick this program off with Spindle City’s support,” said Mr. Mason.

To use the coupons, pizzas need to be ordered at the store or via delivery directly from the shop by calling (518) 957-4992. Please note that meal services like GrubHub will not honor these coupons. 

Ryan Hotaling, owner of Spindle City Pizza, is excited to be a part of the program and fully supports the Green Island Reads initiative. “I am excited to be a part of this and I think this could be a great program for the students for a myriad of reasons. We have already purchased the personal pans to make the pizzas…” said Ryan. 

With support and encouragement from the school community, “Green Island Reads” will help students grow their literacy skills, be confident in their academic abilities and develop a passion for independent reading. A special thank you to Spindle City Pizza and owner Ryan Hotaling for their partnership and advocacy as we work together to share the joy of reading.