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Heatly Students Earn Recognition For Creative Writing

We’re excited to share the remarkable achievement of five secondary students from our district: Amiya Torres (grade 7), Aleesha Inayat (grade 7), Rabia Khan (grade 10), Aidan Rotko (grade 10), and Genevieve Wilmot (grade 10). Their mini saga pieces for the Young Writers’ SOS Sagas: “Hunted” contest have been selected for publication.

Editor Lynsey Evans praised the students, saying, “Having all your students’ work chosen is something to be proud of; it doesn’t happen every day. I was impressed with their writing.”

The publication, “Hunted”-Fates Entwined, is set to release on March 1, 2024. Mrs. Distasio, our own Green Island UFSD teacher, will receive a copy for her classroom library, ensuring each featured student can see their work in print.

Mrs. Distasio commended the students for their hard work and dedication, stating, “All of these students worked so hard on their writing pieces. They took the time to review and apply feedback to enhance their work, and it paid off! I am so proud of each of them! My hope is that this recognition helps build their passion for writing even more.”

Join us in congratulating Amiya, Aleesha, Rabia, Aidan, and Genevieve on this well-deserved recognition. Their success underscores both the students’ talent and the dedication of our educators to fostering creativity and excellence.