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New teacher profile: Nicole Ford

Teacher Nicole Ford

“Everyday is a new opportunity to begin again,” according to third grade teacher Nicole Ford. Mrs. Ford has been a teacher at Heatly for approximately 18 years and has worked with various grade levels in different capacities. For the past ten years, Mrs. Ford has taught third grade, but she also has experience teaching students in grades 4-6. 

Mrs. Ford’s teaching journey began at Hudson Valley Community College, where she earned her associates degree in physical education. She then continued her studies at Russell Sage College, graduating with both bachelor and master degrees in elementary education. 

After completing her education, Mrs. Ford dove head first into the job sector, working as a teacher at St. Jude the Apostle School before transitioning to her final destination: Heatly.

Heatly is a small school district; all 287 of its PreK-12 students are located in one building, which is something that Mrs. Ford loves. 

“Being in a PreK-12 building, I really enjoy being able to teach at the elementary level, and then still be involved and watch my students grow and excel through their high school years,” she said.

Mrs. Ford is more than a third grade teacher at Heatly; she’s also the soccer and softball coach. As a coach, Mrs. Ford is able to continue working with some of her past elementary students and guide them in a new way. 

“I have been fortunate to coach soccer and softball here which also allows me to have a different connection with our high school students…,” she said. 

According to Mrs. Ford, the best part about working in a school is the flexibility. While she spends much of her vacations and summers working on her classroom, Mrs. Ford is still able to spend a great deal of time with her family. 

“I have always felt I get the best of both worlds between my personal and professional life,” Mrs. Ford said cheerfully.

When she’s not teaching at Heatly, Mrs. Ford can be found spending time with her husband and children. She also loves getting up super early on the weekend to go to the gym.