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Non-Credible Statewide Swatting threat

Dear Green Island UFSD Community, 

At approximately 9:30 this morning, several school districts in the Tri-County area, including Green Island UFSD, received a threatening swatting email stating bombs were placed in schools across the state. 

Swatting is a malicious act where someone makes a hoax emergency call (in this case, an email), typically reporting a serious threat or crime at another person’s location, often resulting in a SWAT team response. 

Green Island immediately contacted law enforcement and our local and county police and conducted a sweep of Heatly School. After further investigation, they deemed the threat non-credible. All students and staff are safe. 

We ​always put the safety of our students and staff ​first. ​We will continue to update you with information as soon as possible.

Thank you, 

Heatly School