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Practice Firehouse Rescue and Firefighter Meet-and-Greet

On Friday, October 13, the Green Island Fire Department visited Heatly School to discuss fire safety and spend time with students.

The visit was a fantastic opportunity for students to learn more about fire safety and to interact with their local heroes. The firefighters took the time to educate the students on important fire safety tips and procedures, which is crucial for building awareness and preparedness among young learners.

One of the most exciting highlights of the day was the practice roof rescue involving Superintendent Kim Ross. This hands-on demonstration showcased the bravery and skills of our local firefighters, giving students a real sense of the incredible work they do to keep our community safe. This type of engaging and educational experience can leave a lasting impression on young minds, instilling the importance of safety and the value of community service.

Sparky the Firehouse Dog’s visit to the primary school classrooms added a fun and memorable element to the day. Sparky is not just a cute and friendly mascot, but also a valuable tool for teaching children about fire safety in a way that is both entertaining and informative.

Community events like these foster a strong sense of connection between local emergency services and the schools, creating a foundation for a safer and more prepared community. Such initiatives play a vital role in ensuring that our young generation grows up with a deep understanding of the importance of fire safety and the appreciation of our dedicated firefighters. We commend the Green Island Fire Department for their commitment to our community’s well-being and for making fire safety education a priority!