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Secondary students “suc-seed” in science with pumpkin dissections

Students performing pumpkin dissections

Secondary students learned their science lessons in the most Halloween-way thanks to science teacher Haylie Marquardt. 

In the 8th grade, students learned about chemistry and different substances by “dissecting” a pumpkin. Students took their pumpkins apart and separated the different pieces by substance (ex. seeds, outer shell, etc.) into containers. The Heatly 8th graders then used the different substances on Halloween to conduct a range of chemical experiments. 

Secondary science teacher Ms. Marquardt believed it was important for her students to see the different chemical experiments prior to moving on to the lesson on balancing chemical equations. 

In the 10th grade, students have been learning about photosynthesis and Ms. Marquardt utilized pumpkins in this science lesson as well. Over the weekend, students left pumpkin seeds out to dry in preparation to plant them sometime in the near future. If students can get the seeds to sprout, then they’ll be planted and students will hopefully get to watch their plant grow over time!